What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

March 26, 2019

Andrew Horn wants men to get more vulnerable.  He’s the founder of a new organization called Junto, a not-so-secret club for men to explore emotional mastery where he curates workshops and weekend retreats for bros to come together, take off their macho masks, and get real about their feelings.  

In a #metoo world, this work is very important.  And that’s why I wanted to chat with Andrew about his personal journey.  In this episode, he shares stories of being bullied as a child, how he’s learned to be in partnership with a very powerful woman, some of the books that have guided him on his way, and ultimately, what it’s like to raise a son in the modern world.

Andrew is a good friend, so we also share a lot of laughs.  But his humor and charm are well-balanced with his insights, and of course, his vulnerability.


Andrew Horn






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