Oral Sex: Giving, Receiving, & Believing We’re Worthy

May 6, 2018

She responded to a text at 4am and discovered that her body was capable of magical things, he always was the giver until he realized that he too was worthy of love, unlearning shame from a catholic school upbringing started with her going down on a female friend as an adult.

"Some people say I use too much teeth."

"The wetter the better."

"He was like Steve Jobs in bed.  He knew what I wanted before I knew what I wanted."

"I experienced the fabled throat orgasm."

It's all that and more in this revealing, insightful conversation about oral sex.

Hosted by Jared Matthew Weiss.

Recorded at the touchpoint town hall in NYC on May 1, 2018 at The Assemblage Nomad.

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